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Pallet racking

The safe load capacity of the pallet racking's components have been carefully calculated to ensure that they meet the requirements of the FEM (Fédération Européenne de la Manutention).

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Conventional pallet racking

Pallet racking system is modular and can be easily adjusted to your needs. The pallet racking system is designed for the optimised storage of goods of all sizes and weights.

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Drive-in racking

Drive In racks increase your storage space utilisation considerably. Drive-in racking systems eliminate picking aisles and are the ideal solution for storing large quantities of similar pallets. The system provides safe block stacking for goods, that are not stable enough to be stacked one on top of the other.

There are three types of drive-in racks:


  • Single drive-in racking

  • Double drive-in racking

  • Drive through

depending on the load and unload procedure and the accessibility

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Mobile racking

Powerack® system is composed of conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases. This versatile setup allows opening and closing of the aisles. Mobile racking enables compact storage while keeping each individual pallet accessible.

Save up to 90% of storage capacity

Each mobile racking and storage system can increase capacity up to 90% compared to conventional pallet racking systems and may lead to a significant decrease in lighting, heating or cooling costs.

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Pallet live storage

Our pallet live storage system provides efficient and ultra-dense storage of palletised goods with fewer aisles. This increases your storage capacity considerably. It can also be used to avoid unnecessary internal transport. Bringing pallets from one point to another.

Why to choose live pallet storing:

  1. Enables perfect pallet turnover.

  2. Maximum capacity as storage system is compact.

  3. Time and space saved in pallet handling.

  4. Excellent stock control.

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