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M7 Longspan

Longspan modular shelves are the best solution for storing heavier products of all types. Quick and easy to assemble with the ability to adapt to the needs of any industry.

MECALUX quality control is ensured for all parts, guaranteeing easy and safe installation.

Load capacity on the shelf:

Lēti kvalitatīvi metāla plaukti.png


dzelzs plaukti.png

The complete shelves are delivered without lining.

Possible types of installation:

- OSB 21mm

- Plywood 21mm

- Laminated plywood F / W 21 mm

- Galvanized tin


The price is calculated on request.

Latvijas finieris.png
Latvijas finieris.png
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M7 Longspan Price Calculator

To determine the cost of the shelves you need, please use the price calculator.

After sending the request, our specialist will contact you.

Lēti komplektācijas plaukti.png
Lēti plaukti.png

We provide a 3-year product warranty.

We guarantee quality in the long run!

Mezzanine platformas

Mezzanine platforms

The installation of mezzanine platforms is an ideal solution for efficient use of rooms with high ceilings - the surface area intended for storage is doubled or even tripled.


The platforms are easily adaptable to a wide range of needs and can be completed with assembly shelves.

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